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Maguga Lodge provides an array of activities; all except the boat cruise are community projects or neighboring entrepreneurs supported by Maguga Lodge.

BOAT CRUISE There are a variety of ways to explore the dam, a cruise in the boat by far the most popular and you can see why the moment you step onto this vessel and immediately feel a wave of relaxation wash over you.

HIKING Venture away from civilization just a few steps and you will find yourself discovering untouched, undeveloped land for as far as the eye can see. Waterfalls, hidden rivers, caves, ancient paintings are natures reward for adventure here.

FISHING You can fish from the waters edge, the Maguga boat or bring your own vessel and search for one of the flourishing fishing holes. Catches like Bass, Bream, Carp and Barbel are lured in from these waters.

View Barret Harvey's UTube clip 2014 Zone 6 Bass International Test -Day 1

BEAUTY THERAPY Book an appointment with one of our visiting beauty therapists. No waiting rooms, no crowds to avoid, Maguga’s therapist come to YOU, in the comfort of your own room.

BIRDING Along the banks of the Komati river you’ll find birds of every colour, species and song.

CYCLING There are no marked tracks but you can pedal past traditional homesteads, and hidden viewpoints unreachable by car.

OFF ROAD The mountains surrounding Maguga are filled with dirt road 4x4 excursions. There are no marked routes, but plenty areas you can discover.

GEOLOGY The mountains in view boast a long and prestigious existence, towering over this small Kingdom for over the last 3500 million years and leaving behind evidence of some of the oldest and best-preserved sequence of volcanic and sedimentary rocks on earth. Brilliantly preserved rock art, Nsangweni Rock Art, can be found hidden in rock faces throughout the landscape and well worth the visit.

The valley at the bottom of this ancient mountain range is the large basin fresh water dam, fed from the Komati River. The waters edge weaves through the staggering peaks on either side, and spills over a steep 115m dam wall on the south edge, (viewed from Maguga Lodge) where the Komati River creates beautiful rock sculptures and gorges as the river continues to flow south towards the heart of Swaziland.

SIBHACA AND NDLAMU If pre-requested Mbeka High School will visit the lodge to dance Swazi Sibhaca and sing Ndlamu for you.